Digital Fashion Marketplace

Highlight your products and new releases through audiovisual content and shopstreaming so that the public can enjoy them from any screen

Visitors of and will be able to enjoy the brands' product releases through content that will make them want to visit the brands shopping cart to purchase their products online


Share your information with us so we can get to know your brand on the following link

Inexmoda will hold a creative session with your brand to develop the video script

Inexmoda will guide you in the audiovisual production of your product launch

During the tradeshow (July 27th to 29th, 2021), the content of your brand linked to shopstreaming will be published so that the public can know and buy the products of your collection launch in your brand's shopping cart

Inexmoda will carry out different promotional activities for the public to visit your product proposal

Once the event is over, you can still continue to share your video through your digital platforms

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