Health protocols
as exhibitor

These are the health protocols FAQ that apply for the setting up process and getting visits at your stand:

You need to supply your team with a health kit: two face masks and antibacterial gel

We also recommend eye protection

The entire fair facilities will have maximum capacity that will be announced at the entrance of each space

Every person that comes into your stand needs to sanitize their hands before and after entering it and/or touching anything (samples and/or catalogues)

Share your render with the commercial executive so it can be approved by Inexmoda´s team

You need to notify the name of the company that will make your stand before July 5th

You need to send the name and ID number of all the people who will set up your stand before July 5th to do a social security validation.

The fair will have VIP waiting rooms with WIFI and beverages in each pavilion.

It is forbidden to eat inside any stand. For this reason, the event will have designated areas for food consumption. You can only drink bottled and sealed beverages inside the stand

It is not permitted to give out any printed material as brochures or flyers. You will be able to use catalogues and samples inside the stand.

From July 5th you will be able to schedule business appointments with buyers at the virtual business platform.

Learn the step by step at the weekly courses we give to our exhibitors or through the tutorial videos in Inexmoda´s YouTube channel..

Each exhibitor has a quota for their commercial team, clients and buyers suggested by the size of their stand. Register your badges here